Cookies and treatment of personal information

This privacy statement explains how we use the electronic footprints you leave when you visit our websites, including websites hosting electronic self-service solutions such as Danske eBanking, Danske Mobile Banking and Business Online.

A cookie is a small text file used by many websites to track repeated visits by users. As an inactive file, a cookie cannot spread virus or other harmful programs.

When you visit our websites, information is sent to us via cookies. This information includes

This information is used only for ordinary operations and for the compilation of statistics that can be used to improve our websites, for example.

Data from cookies cannot be used for obtaining personal information about you. No information is passed on or sold to third parties.

You can always disable cookies on your computer by changing the relevant browser settings. Note, however, that you may not be able to use all website functions if you decide to disable cookies. If you do not want to receive cookies from Danske Bank, open your browser’s Internet options, select advanced cookie settings and add our website to the list of websites whose cookies you want to block from being sent to your computer. You can also choose to delete individual cookies or all cookies previously stored by your browser.

When you visit our website without having disabled or deleted cookies, you accept the use of cookies.

When visiting our website, if you ask to be contacted, send us an e-mail or ask for a brochure, for example, you disclose your name and possibly also your e-mail address, telephone number, CPR (civil registration) number or other personal data. We use this information to process and deal with your request only. We will delete the information once we have dealt with your request.